My Vision for Gloucester


These are my views of how I would like to see Gloucester develop. I have tried to develop them from accurate statistical facts and have provided links to those figures so the developments are possible given political will. I intend to add more subjects over time such as dealing with homelessness, parks and housing over time. Please make comments.

My Vision for Kings Square

Kings Square


Gloucester is a multicultural city of around 130000 people. It is only about a few miles the edge of Cheltenham with a population of around 120000 people. Together their population is around 250000 serving the Gloucestershire’s population of around 650000.

  • Culture, leisure, and entertainment
  • Gloucester has the potential to provide a rich cultural. leisure and entertainment opportunities for its residents. It has a good museums, Historic Buildings, a beautiful Cathedral,Robinswood Hill Country Park, cinemas, large and independant( the Sherbourne) , live music venues at the Guildhall and Pubs and a good library. It does not have a theatre, concert hall or Ice Rink . The latter two I think should be developed in consultation with Cheltenham as a joint project. Cheltenham has a good theatre , Gloucester has a premier Rugby stadium and team and Cheltenham has a league football club and stadium all of which would benefit and should be regarded as a shared facilities between the two towns imv. Good public transport links would improve that potential.
  • All these facilities should to be affordable to all residents which means those on low incomes have to have a significant increase in income or facilities have to be subsidised to allow all to enjoy and experience them. Or the best option imv a combination. I believe it is important for the cohesion of society for us all to be able to attend concerts, football matches, theatres etc if we wish. Our government local and national and whilst we are in the EU, European, should make judgements as to what facilities benefit the health of society and individuals in that society. We cannot have a healthy, compassionate,caring and civilised society if we exclude a large minority from being able to engage in enjoying many of the most fulfilling examples of human creativity imv.


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